awesome work, love the colours and feel of the paintings, top of the tree stuff :-)
Brilliant I love your work All the best & hope they never stop.
One word.....Lovely xx
Hi Allison, Awesome website! I love your work so much. I'd love for you to do me a piece in the future when i get my own place. Keep up the awesome work!
love your site Allison eagerly await your second Exhibition with our gallery in 2011,the first been our most sucessfull to date if im not mistaken think you sold every piece and Happy Birthday by the the way love the painting on facebook profile is it your latest if so adore it mmmmmm Decadance sounds a nice title
Hi allison your art is amazing! love it all. roy.
Fabulous website and such a unique artist! I just love the mermaids and will be in touch with you shortly!!
excelllent work allison, so impressed with the wizard, he is proudly on my wall, worth every penny spent, thankyou.
also looking forward to the exhibition, you have a unique quality that astounds.